I would ike to inform about Korean relationship foreigners

I would ike to inform about Korean relationship foreigners

Foreigners need visas to enter Korea. Korea regards a visa while the consul’s suggestion of entry for the entry authorization of the foreigner. The immigrations workplace workers in the airport can refuse the entry of a foreigner if he chooses that the foreigner doesn’t meet up with the demands for entry authorization regardless of if the foreigner holds a visa.

Visa kinds

  • Solitary visa: A foreigner can enter Korea only one time in the period that is effective. (Effective period: a few months through the issuance date)
  • Numerous visa: A foreigner can enter Korean significantly more than twice in the effective period.

Stay static in Korea

  • Short-term stay: ninety days or less
  • Long-lasting stay: 91 times or even more

People who have long-lasting stay status shall perform registration that is alien ninety days of this entry date.

Scope of foreigners activities that are

A foreigner may live in Korea just in the range of his/her status sojourn and sojourn duration, and it is perhaps not allowed to take part in governmental tasks unless otherwise recommended for legal reasons. A foreigner desperate to be used during his/her stay static in Korea should hold a sojourn status that enables work, and he or she must not work on destination aside from his/her designated office. A foreigner desperate to alter or include his/her workplace in the scope of his/her status of sojourn should get authorization through the Minister of Justice ahead of time. Nonetheless, foreigners with expert knowledge, methods or abilities as recommended by Presidential Decree shall report the noticeable modification or addition of place of work towards the Minister of Justice within 15 times of the date of such modification or addition.

Employment in Korea

The after sojourn statuses enable work tasks.

  • Short-term work (C-4), professorship (E-1), language instruction (E-2), research (E-3), technology transfer (E-4), expert work (E-5), arts and shows (E-6), unique career (E-7), non-professional work (E-9), vessel crew (E-10), and working see (H-2)

These sojourn statuses of residence (certain visa kinds underneath the category that is f-2 and partner of a Korean national (F-6) don’t limit work tasks.

Permanent residence (F-5) status will not limit work tasks with the exception of easy work and activities that adversely affect general general general public morals or disrupt order that is social.

Permission of tasks away from status that is current of

Where a foreigner, along with tasks permitted under his/her status of sojourn, promises to practice tasks which can be allowed under a various status of sojourn, he or she should get authorization through the Minister of Justice ahead of time. But, in the event that activit that is new his/her primary task, she or he should get authorization for modification of sojourn status.


A foreigner that is maybe maybe not just a citizen that is korean obtain Korean nationality using the Minister of Justice’s authorization of naturalization. Naturalization is divided in to basic naturalization, simplified naturalization and naturalization that is special.


  • Will need to have had a domicile in Korea for 5 years that are consecutive much longer.
  • Should be of great conduct.
  • Should have fundamental knowledge befitting a South Korean nationwide.
  • Should be an adult that is legal Korea’s Civil Act.
  • Will need to have the capability to maintain an income on is/her assets that are own abilities.

Certain requirements are the same as compared to basic naturalization, with eased needs on amount of residence:

  • three years: people that have several biological moms and dads of Korean nationality, but have actually since abandoned citizenship for the international nationality; and people with a number of adoptive moms and dads of Korean nationality who had been of appropriate adult age during the tme of use.
  • 1-2 years: Foreign spouses of Korean nationals, even with divorce proceedings.

What’s needed are just like compared to basic naturalization, with eased demands on amount of residence, capacity to keep an income, etc.

  • Foreigners with one or more parent of Korean nationality
  • People that have more than one adoptive moms and dads of Korean nationality who had been minors that are legal enough time of use.
  • Those people who have made special efforts, or with outstanding talents
Type 5 years or higher residence
General naturalization
Simplified naturalization
Unique naturalization

Relate to Articles 5-7 of this Nationalit Act.

Article 5 of this Nationality Act-General naturalization

Article 5 of the Nationality Act-General naturalization
  • Address in Korea for five consecutive years or more
  • Adult beneath the Civil Act
  • Good conduct/behavior
  • Capacity to keep livelihood by depending on one’s very own asset or ability or on one’s members of the family within the household that is same
  • Fundamental knowledge being A korean resident (e.g., Korean language skills and comprehension of Korean traditions)

Immigration Priority Card Issuance

What’s the Immigration Priority Card?

Immigration Priority Card holders may use the fast-track lane (special passage for flight crew and diplomats) during the airport. The card is granted by KOTRA, that may accept applications from qualified candidates such as for example international investors.


Any individual who meets one of many following conditions can be eligible for an Immigration Priority Card

  • The workers and professionals of international moms and dad businesses or Asia headquarters of foreign-invested businesses that meet up with the after international investment that is directFDI) quantity requirements (declared quantity)*

Classification Declared FDI Amount
Finance & insurance coverage USD 50 million or higher
Manufacturing industry USD 15 million or maybe more
other people USD 10 million or even more
RetailВ·wholesale, transportation, storage space USD 5 million or even more
R&D center operations, organizations with new-growth technologies USD 2 million or maybe more

Whenever obtaining a card reissuance following the termination date, the arrival quantity of FDI must total at the least 50% for the quantity declared during the time of application.

  • The professionals and workers of international parent businesses or Asia headquarters of foreign-invested businesses with 100 or higher full-time workers
  • The professionals and employees of international organizations that are economic Korea
  • People in investment delegations invited to Korea by main and government that is local

The Immigration Priority Card is legitimate for 36 months beginning the date of issuance. (6 months for people in investment delegations invited by main and town agencies)

Needed papers

  1. Application
  2. For professionals and workers associated with international moms and dad organizations christian mingle or Asia headquarters of a foreign-invested organizations: a duplicate associated with the applicant’s foreign-invested business enrollment certification For professionals and employees of international financial companies in Korea: certified content of business enrollment For people of investment delegations invited by main or town agencies: document certifying invite to Korea
  3. Certification of work at international moms and dad business or Asia headquarters ( or other papers certifying that the applicant belongs to an ongoing business or group)
  4. One of several after documents: – For organizations running R&D centers: certification of recognition of a corporate-affiliated research center or certification of recognition of R&D division given by the Korea Industrial tech Association (or the state document by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy certifying designation as an R&D center) – For organizations working together with brand new development technologies: certification of income income income tax decrease or exemption given because of the Ministry of Strategy & Finance – For businesses with 100 or higher full-time workers: record of compensated wages, directory of insured workers granted by the Korea Workers’ Compensation & Welfare provider, or a written report for the withholding of tax given with a taxation workplace
  5. Copy of applicant’s passport

The application form form and needed documents can be submitted via email in PDF format

Issuance procedure

Application duration: the first

tenth of each and every month в†’ Issued round the 25th associated with the exact exact exact same thirty days / For applications gotten after the tenth of any month в†’ Issued all over 25th regarding the month that is following

Application & inquiries

    The info above is subject to improve relative to the Ministry of Justice instructions.

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