Edited at 15.05.2020 – Thesis writing: The Secret to Writing a Top-notch Thesis writing

What is the Required Length of a Thesis?

The thesis writing is themost chapter of a student’s life. It accounts for almost one third of the final grade. A thesis is a paper mostly written during the last year of one’s undergraduate, postgraduate, and undergraduate studies. The main aim of the thesis is to show the scholarly research done on a particular topic in that field. A complete research has to be drafted, analyzed, and proofread. Most students end up procrastinating until the last minute. When the deadline is fast approaching, yet not a single one has prepared?

Before embarking on the writing process, the student has to sit down and make a draft. The draft brings out the main points and expresses the direction that the student wants to take in their research. Even though it is not the final paper, it is a necessary pre-writing tool. Before beginning the writing process, one needs to have a vision of how the thesis should look like. The outline contains:

  • The introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

This is the skeleton of the thesis. Every paragraph must have this chapter. In case of any new chapters, it is always good to consult with the instructor. One can even formulate a hypothesis and defend it.

Every sentence has to build upon the topic sentence to create a sense of continuation. Even though it is a thought-provoking sentence, it does not mean that you should introduce a new idea. Keep in mind that the thesis is a presentation of facts and ideas. It must reflect the direction and standpoint of the research. If you write a thesis without an introduction, you might find it hard to convince the reader.  

Be Ready for LONG Prows

The thought of finishing the last sentence in the introduction is always a thrill to most try here students. Not only does it remind you of how important your paper is, but it also makes you want to start writing right away. Set aside some effort to wait for the perfect thesis, at that point, you will have only a few minutes to conduct a full analysis. What will you do?

The first thing that your mind will be looking for is the thesis statement. What does it say? It must be precise, clear, and in simple language. Remember that the thesis statement is the backbone of your entire research. It should be brief, but it should express the entire message.

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